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Service Overview

Outdoor Electrical

Experience a reduction in the cost of operation and improved visibility with outdoor lighting from Witzel Electric. As part of your project you will enjoy improved safety and security, light levels uniformity and color rendering. We will reduce energy  consumption up to 50-75%, maintenance intervals from 1-4 years to a proposed 10-20 years.

In each outdoor lighting project Witzel Electric provides the following:

  • Utility rebates where available
  • Existing and proposed photometric lighting layouts
  • Mock ups for proposed products and designs
  • Warranty and service

Our Approach:

Witzel Electric requires a close examination of the current and proposed fixtures as well as the space to be lit. Our large outdoor parking lot projects and outdoor special lighting projects are subjected to several types of approaches with different types of products and manufacturers.

From there, we compare the solutions to insure our results meet or outperform existing levels before we install a thing. This is all done with the end goal in mind: best light results possible for the customer.