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Witzel Electric strives to remain on the cutting edge of electrical technology. From prefabrication and in-house training, to new installation methods, we set the standards for our industry. We attribute our success to building strategic partnerships with our Municipality and business customers and by treating them the way we want to be treated. We ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our industry-leading project managers and technicians understand the importance of delivering your project on time, within budget and at the highest standard of safety. Contractors, Developers and Project Managers trust Witzel Electric for powerful building solutions.

Whether your project involves a renovation of 200 square feet of office space or over 250,000 square feet of new building design, Witzel Electric applies proactive problem-solving techniques to design the best electrical solutions.

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James J Hill Library - Precontstruction Design Services Electrical Construction Technology Systems


We understand that projects that finish on time and on budget are the result of thorough...

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Public Park Project - Design Build


No project is too small or big for Witzel Electric. We pride ourselves on giving each customer...

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MCTC - Service and Maintenance


Here are Witzel Electric we pride ourselves on customer service. We understand that our...

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YWCA Minneapolis - Precontruction Electrical Construction


Witzel Electric provides commercial and industrial electrical construction services...

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St. Paul Fire Department - Preconstruction Design Services Electrical Construction Service & Maintenance Technology Systems


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Como Conservatory - Outdoor Electrical


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New Construction and Retrofit

Witzel Electric can provide the equipment and expertise needed to complete your electrical project on time and within the budget


Equipment - The Parts You Need

Witzel Electric and provide all the electric equipment you need for your home or business. From a simple outlet to lighting system components to a commercial generator were happy to be able to help our customers choose the system that is right for them and deliver the equipment necessary to complete the job.


Going Green and Green Solutions

At Witzel Electric we would be proud to help you with your renewable energy systems we can help to choose and acquire equipment as well as help with collation and implementation of a renewable system that will suit your energy needs.


Lighting and Signs Seeing is Believing

Proper lighting can greatly increase the aesthetic value of any space. It should also be a factor when considering comfort and in some cases productivity. Indoor or outdoor for your business or for your home Witzel Electric has you covered when it comes to lighting.


Maintenance and Testing - Save Money save Lives

Certain components of an electrical system may have limited life spans and require replacement at certain intervals while other components and connections can simply wear out over time. With tests such as thermal imaging or load testing Witzel Electric can help keep your home or business in a safe and operational condition. A good maintenance schedule can potentially save thousands of dollars and can help resolve or prevent hazardous conditions which can cause fire or even electrocution’s.


Marine - Not Just for Your Home or Business

from Doc lighting to marinas, boats or even submerge lines, Witzel Electric and help with all your Marine electrical needs.


Service and Repair - There When You Need Us

Most know that as a home or business owner you will eventually find yourself in need of some type of electrical service or repair. Witzel Electric can provide the expertise required to take care of all your electrical needs, from an underground splice to replacing a broken outlet, moving a meter socket or wiring in a new appliance, we are always there for our customers.


Standby Power Generators

From at-home convenience to critical life-saving systems generators and provide standby generators for every in environment.

If you need assistance or have any questions for us don’t hesitate to give us a call at 612-961-4596.  If you would like a quote fill out the quick form to the right and we will get back to you promptly.