Witzel Electric

Client Portfolios 


Witzel electric recognizes the need for safety, project efficiency and attention to detail  when it comes to retail construction projects. Retailers below trust us to complete their electric solutions needs.

  • Sam's Club
  • Cub Foods
  • Target


Experience a reduction in the cost of operation and improved visibility with outdoor  lighting from Witzel electric. As part of your project you will enjoy improved safety and  security, light levels uniformity and color rendering, We will reduce energy  consumption up to 50-75%, maintenance intervals from 1-4 years to a proposed 10-20  years.

  • MN State Parks
  • Rice Street Parking Garage
  • Metro Transit Bus Station
  • Minneapolis Public Schools Public Service Garage


Minnesota-based manufacturers including the following

  • Cargill
  • Spicer Paper


With extensive experience in institutional projects ranging from complex school  renovation projects to supporting new school construction and campus expansions, our  customers continue to trust us for all of their on-going needs.

  • Harding High School
  • Coon Rapids High School
  • Minneapolis School District
  • William Mitchell College of Law
  • Minneapolis Public Schools Public Service Garage
  • Ramsey County Public Works
  • Ramsey County Court House


We worked hard to be an approved contract holder for the Minnesota State government.  With the state's stringent requirements you can determine for yourself how your project  will turn out.

  • MnDot Training Facility
  • MN State Parks
  • Camp Ripley
  • Cambridge Airforce Base
  • Oak Park Heights


There is particular lighting required for facilities supporting our police and fire  departments and the justice system. Witzel electric has the expertise and experience to  meet the high standards required in these environments. Our clients include:

  • Paul Police Station
  • Paul Court House
  • Paul Fire House
  • Rush City Prison