3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’s Electrical Panel

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’s Electrical Panel

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3 Ways to know you need to upgrade your business’s electrical panel.

Everyone knows what their homes electrical panel looks like, its that gray or white box that you may have seen on the wall, but just like a lot of other American business owners, you likely don’t give it much thought on the regular day. There is an unspoken truth about how important your electrical panel is, it is greatly responsible for a great deal of the comfort and convenience that you enjoy on a daily basis. When your panel gets older, or comes into some damage, you may find yourself in need of a professional electrical panel upgrade, but the real question is, how do you know when it is the proper time to call a professional and have them perform such a task? In the effort to education you with the knowledge needed to make that decision, we have made a short list of things that occur when you need to have your electrical panel replaced. These are just a few of the more common warning signals that you might see when your panel is trying to tell you that it is the correct time to seal the deal and get a professional upgrade to keep your business safe and comfortable.

You may have fuses in place of circuit breakers. Yes, there is nothing super wrong with having a fuse box in place of a circuit breaker inside your business, they are a more outdates safety method than new circuit breaker technology, they aren’t designed like circuit breakers are to manage the electrical flow the is put into the modern day business, or even home for that matter. Electrical systems need to businesses has changed over the years, and all while the average fuse box may have been equipped with the necessary things to handle a business when it was first constructed, it may possibly not be that way anymore. A plethora of appliances have flooded workplace environment, like computers, refrigerators, copiers, printers, internet, TV’s, monitors, etc. are a bit more than the average fuse box may be able to safely handle. While this likely only means that you are more at risk of blowing fuses more often, it can also mean that those blown fuses could turn into a fire hazard if they melt. Some insurance companies that refuse to cover homes or businesses that run on fuse boxes.

One of the other key things you might see to tell that you need to call a professional is the lights may be doing a “flickering” type action. If you notice your lights “dim” or “flicker” whenever you turn on something else that requires electricity, it is an indicator that your current electrical panel is struggling to provide the right amount of electricity properly through your business. There should be no major or noticeable difference between the level of brightness when you turn on another appliance when you have your lights on. Another thing is that sometimes electrical outlets can fool us, once of the sockets may work, but the other one may not. There have been several scenarios that businesses have bought new computers because they thought their computers were broken, but in reality it was the outlet.

If you know you have circuit breakers, and they seem to constantly be randomly tripping whenever you try to run one or more of the appliances you need to use, it is a good indication that your businesses electrical panel is in the need of an upgrade. While most breakers are only designed to trip or shutoff when they get overloaded or come in contact with water, your systems shouldn’t be getting tripped up in the simple action of running the appliances inside your workplace. If your outlets are always tripping, it is a good indicator that your electrical panel just isn’t set up in the correct manner to deal with your current demands for electricity, and you are more likely to be better off by replacing the panel all together to something that can handle those needs and demands. Computers or appliances shutting off randomly can result in the loss of vital information or work that can’t be replaced. It is better to spend the extra dollar and have the panel evaluated and replaced or fixed so that you don’t run this risk.